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Food and Beverage Management Software: Is It Worth It?

What is one of the most frustrating things for restaurant owners? Buying food and drinks only to see them expire and spoil! This is like throwing money away and it can be the difference in the profitability of your store.

This doesn't have to happen because the right food and beverage management software can help you. If you haven't thought of using software to help you in your restaurant, read on to find out the amazing benefits it offers.

The Importance of Inventory

The profit margin is tight enough when running a restaurant. You don't want to add to that by wasting inventory. Food doesn't last forever and letting food get past its expiration date is a waste of your resources.

Your drinks are the same way. You want to keep them fresh and up to date for your customers. 

Fresh food and beverages help you stay profitable and assure your customers get the best product. This helps your restaurant's reputation and assures you repeat customers who leave strong reviews. 

Working Without Food and Beverage Management Software

Many restaurant owners go in with grand plans of how they are going to organize everything. They come up with systems of color coding and have notebooks for everything.

The problem is when it is a Friday night dinner rush, those systems usually get forgotten. No one means to forget them, they are trying to survive the night and take care of customers. 

Mislabeled Product

Dealing with a labeling system has drawbacks because in a rush items can get mislabeled. This leads to things like good produce going bad on the shelf. Keeping up with these labels is frustrating in the rush of day-to-day serving.

Forgotten Food Waste Records

One of the most important aspects of your kitchen is keeping up with food waste. This helps you stay on top of your ordering and know what to increase and decrease in your supply orders. 

When measuring food waste during food service, it often gets forgotten when things get busy. Your staff is busy taking care of customers and at the moment food waste doesn't seem important to them. 

However, this is an important part of running your restaurant. 

Lack of Prep

Knowing how much inventory you have is a key part of knowing how much you will need. Proper prepping for a lunch or dinner service helps you to know what you need to order and what you have plenty of on hand.

When prep records aren't kept properly, it becomes easier to run out of important ingredients in the middle of service. This means unhappy customers and unhappy reviews.

Unkept Food Safety Logs

Compliance with food safety is important for your restaurant's ratings and for keeping your food fresh. Paper logs add an extra step for your team as they are working on a busy night.

They may take the temperatures, but if they forget to write them down it could be a problem. Writing from memory will be inaccurate by the end of the night and it isn't ethical.

Benefits of Food and Beverage Management Software

A quality restaurant management software brings food and beverage management options along with other benefits. These benefits can help you with running your restaurant and things like food safety compliance.

Up to Date Inventory Logs

When you pick an innovative restaurant software, it helps you manage your food and beverage logs. No more messy notebooks or sticker systems that get confusing for your staff.

Your inventory logs are kept up to date by the software so you'll always know what you have in stock. You can even make custom lists based on the main products your restaurant uses. 

Checklists Management

Instead of relying on your staff's memory or a notebook to keep up with checklists, you can use our software to reliably manage that data. This helps your team remember and record important procedures each day. 

Tasks like food preparation and inventory management can be set up the right way the first time. 

Food Safety Management

Food safety is all-important in your restaurant and things like your temperature logs must be kept up with. Having software do this for you assures that the measurements get done and don't get left off a piece of paper.

You can use digital thermometers that are automatically read by your software. These readings are logged into your program and you can print them out for your records and for inspectors when they visit.

Food Waste Records

Having accurate records of food waste can help you connect with your team about their actions with the food each night. You can automatically adjust prep logs so you use just the right amount of food.

You can also keep up with what dishes are being served the most so you aren't caught by surprise. This helps your team prepare and you have the right amount of food ready each night. 

Management Software and Quality Assurance

Proper food and beverage management software can help you manage your restaurant. It helps you protect your bottom line by keeping up with your inventory so you don't waste food.

It also assures you that the quality of the food and drinks you serve is always the best. The software can act as an assistant manager of the details of your restaurant without a full-time salary!

Feshcheq is innovative restaurant software written by restaurant people for restaurant people. We focus on the little details that help to make your restaurant successful.

Contact us and let us take you through our free 30-minute demonstration that could change your restaurant forever. 

Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates.

Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates. Some may be facing this problem more than others
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