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7 Reasons Why Gamification Works

As I spoke about in the article, “Gamification: Your Crazy Not to Do it”, gamification will increase employee productivity and boost morale, making your restaurant the place to work at. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why gamification not only works, but will drastically improve the quality of your business. 

       1. Motivation

Gamification taps into the top 3 motivators and improves employee engagement. Through consistent recognition and praise of one’s exceptional work ethic, active competition and engagement between fellow employees, and an extrinsic reward system that motivates employees to have the longest streak, your employees will just love coming to work!


       2. Games based motivation can raise engagement levels by 48%.

By incorporating gamification into your daily routines, you are effectively increasing your employee engagement by 48%. That’s 48% more active and involved employees that enjoy coming to work. That’s 48% more positivity flowing through your restaurant, which in turn can affect your customers and how they perceive your business and ultimately their opinions on you and how you manage your business. Which can lead to more repeat customers. So, you see, that 48% can go a long way. 


        3. Helps teams stay connected, engaged and productive.

Inefficient workflows and inconsistent communication between employees during a shift can be disastrous, especially during a rush, like lunch or dinner hours. Using gamification to stay on top of logs and checklists can ensure that everyone is on the same page, prepared and ready to go for when those rushes do occur. 


        4. Level-Up with different medals!

Build processes that stick! By using gamification, you are creating outstanding food safety habits among your employees that follow the store standards.  You are also building an environment where employees will want to work. Gamification usually involves extrinsic rewards. Employees are able to level-up and obtain different medals for completing a set streak, boosting their confidence and having fun while at work! 


         5. Boost Morale

Creating a positive work environment can boost employee morale. Gamification increases productivity which can in turn increase employee confidence and morale, as they are finally being recognized for their efforts and work ethic. They’ll feel appreciated and like they are doing their best while at work. 

         6. Adding fun into daily tasks is going to be stimulating.

No one enjoys doing the same monotonous tasks over and over again. Even though some people might be creatures of habit, that isn’t true for everyone. Gamification makes work more enjoyable by stimulating the brain. The same part of the brain that is stimulated while playing video games. 


         7. Contests

By using FreshCheq, each employee will have a streak for completing all logs and checklists. Create a fun and competitive environment with streaks, leaderboards, and rewarding top-performing employees with prizes. 



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Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates.

Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates. Some may be facing this problem more than others
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