5 Hidden Dangers Threatening Your Restaurant Guests


Major accidents are not just related to factories and construction worker jobs. In restaurants, there are unique issues that may cause injury or illness. Restaurant owners who prioritize safety have the most successful businesses. Check out these 5 hidden dangers that are common in restaurants.

Slips and Falls

In all businesses, the most common accidents are slips and falls that occur for various reasons. In a restaurant, most slips are caused when people inadvertently step onto floor spills. That’s why owners encourage their employees to clean as they work. The best way to stop these types of accidents is to prevent them in the first place.

Poor Hygiene

restaurant workers are required to adhere to personal hygiene
standards, but do they? Wearing hair nets and gloves is a safety
standard that should be reinforced. Many workers wash their hands
regularly, but there are some who do not and handle the food directly.
Monitor your employees as they work and encourage good hygiene to reduce
the risks of food poisoning.

Poisonous Gases

Carbon monoxide is a common threat that lurks in homes and buildings. According to protectyourhome.com,
“carbon monoxide gas or CO has no color or taste. It can’t be detected
by our senses. In high concentration, it can be deadly. Carbon monoxide
gas is essentially undetectable by humans.” Having a “smart” and
connected carbon monoxide detector is an essential strategy to protect
the health of every employee and customer.


Every restaurant owner
is required to follow health code regulations. Encouraging employees to
clean as they work and mop the floors regularly are positive safety
standards. There is still no 100% guarantee that vermin will not enter
the building. Pests can slip through small cracks near the door, and
some move through pipes in the bathroom.

They have plenty of places to hide behind and underneath boxes. If
vermin go anywhere near the food, the risk of food poisoning increases.
Seal the openings and other entryways for these pests.


restaurants experience mold issues due to old or dilapidated buildings.
Know the signs of a mold infestation and take the remediation actions
immediately. Mold is a substance that can remain hidden behind walls and
floors for months. It can grow and spread throughout the building,
risking the health of everyone.

In restaurants, there are
obvious dangers like hot oil on a stove or the use of heavy equipment.
Some accidents are caused by dangers that can not be prevented. Many
accidents are preventable if you and your employees recognize the hidden
dangers ahead of time.

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