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Pests and Health Inspections Gone Wrong

Creepy crawlies, rats, mice, and ants are all things that would deter potential customers from your restaurant. No one wants to walk into a restaurant and see bugs crawling or flying around, especially when they are trying to relax and enjoy their meals. Not only do these pests contaminate food and food surfaces, but they can ruin your reputation and cost you money all at the same time.  

Pest control should always be at the top of mind as they are a year round threat. It’s best to do pest prevention then have to deal with pest invasion. It won’t cost you nearly as much money to prevent an infestation as you might end up spending if dealing with an actual infestation. Not only does pest prevention save you time and money, but it can also set you up for success when it comes to your health inspection. Approximately 20% of your health inspection score derives from the pest control portion, which is a large portion of your entire score. Failing your health inspection could cause a loss of business, fines, and possible illnesses to your customers. 

Not only are pests disgusting, but once customers find out about them, it is unlikely that they will return to your establishment. They are also likely to spread the news about your pest infestation, which will scare off potential customers. This loss of business could ultimately affect your business’ livelihood. 

Pest control is vital to the success of your business and should be taken seriously. It is a year long threat, therefore, it should always be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to restaurant cleanliness -- especially when preparing for an upcoming health inspection. 



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Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates.

Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates. Some may be facing this problem more than others
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