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How to Prepare for Reopening After COVID-19

Restaurant sales have been severely impacted by COVID-19. All aspects of restaurant operations have been affected in one way or another. There is no denying it. Here at Freshcheq, we wanted to remind you that we are here for you and understand the hardships you may be facing. Below you will find some general guidelines or suggestions that you can use to help ensure a safe reopening following the pandemic. 

As we are all well aware of, COVID-19 spreads from person to person. The potential of this spreading from customers to employees or employees to customers can be worrisome. Here are a few ways to help your restaurant, your employees and your customers.

  1. The CDC recommends washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and then rinse. Temporarily, employees should refrain from wearing all jewelry. However, at the very least, employees should remove all jewelry when washing hands, and pay special attention to scrubbing under the fingernails. 
  2. Sanitation checklists which would include consistent cleaning of all surfaces that people touch such as tabletops, doorknobs, and other common touchpoint areas like register counters. At this time, it has been recommended that serving utensils only be touched by employees as a precaution. However, if you are continuing with self-serve, make sure that those utensils are sanitized frequently. 
  3. Screening employees by taking their temperatures and being aware of any flu-like symptoms that are being presented. Urge all employees that if they are feeling ill that they are to stay home. 
  4. Have hand sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer stations available around the restaurant for customers and employees to use, such as on tables and at countertops. These stations would not be a substitution for employee hand washing, they would be used in addition to handwashing. 
  5. Limited seating -- following social distancing guidelines by having tables and chairs at least 6 feet apart or by only seating customers at every other table. 
  6. Tape marking for registers and kiosks to ensure that social distancing guidelines are being followed
  7. Employees should wear face masks as well as hold doors open for customers so that there is one less surface area that is touched.  
  8. For buffets, institute paper plates and cups to decrease contact. Also consider having an employee serving drinks and refills instead of using fountain drink stations to limit the potential spread of germs.
  9. Using a kitchen timer, or better yet, Freshcheq, as a reminder to wash hands and wipe down areas. 

Please use these guidelines as just that, guidelines. You know your restaurant and employees the best. Make the decisions that are best suited for your establishment.


Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates.

Everyone in the restaurant industry is dealing with high employee turnover rates. Some may be facing this problem more than others
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